New guy, but not to vw's.

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New guy, but not to vw's.

Post by Judge Dread on Mon Mar 04, 2013 9:47 pm

Hi all, looking forward to some saloon based driving again after years of push bikes/various hatchbacks.
I used to roll around in an 8v mk2 gti with a 75 shot of nos then pulled the lump and sold it to fit a calibra turbo engine complete with 6speed box, lsd and 271bhp, which you knew about!
Then I (stupidly) sold the vauxhall lump to fit a 2.3 saab 9000 turbo lump complete with a pulsar t28 turbo, remap, external wastegate and 280bhp, then sold it. Theres been a jetta shaped whole ever since. How do i post pics as i forgot years ago how to do it. cheers guys.

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