1981 Jetta CL

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1981 Jetta CL

Post by Neil on Fri Mar 01, 2013 9:55 pm

Hi again, I posted the following message in Dec 2010 and did get an answer but never did anything about it. So have posted it again hoping someone will again answer.

Hi, I'm Neil from North Wales.
I have a Jetta CL which was first registered in 1981, "X" registration, the car served us well for years and we clocked up 128,000 miles in the time we've had it. I had never thought of joining an owners club before until it was suggested to me.
We now have a 2005 Passat which is our main car, the Jetta resides in the garage while the poor old Passat sits outside. Is this Jetta an old car by all your standards and what sort of value does it have?



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