1983 Mk1 GL ... a heavy-hearted Hello (nice car, bad situa..

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1983 Mk1 GL ... a heavy-hearted Hello (nice car, bad situa..

Post by Mk1-Jetta-GL on Tue Jun 05, 2012 11:00 pm


..just a quick post to introduce myself and my Jetta, but with a very heavy heart.

My life's fallen apart badly, and so I may be looking to finally surrender my '83 Mk1 GL, original in metallic Lhasa Green.

I got her in about '91, my first proper car, and she served me well, 15+ years, but the clutch had started slipping around the same time as I was offered another vehicle (one with family sentimental-attachments and also more suited to the practical situation I was in). With mixed emotions I accepted the hand-me-down and put the Jetta to one side.

So, she's been SORN for a few years now in the front garden, the intention always to put her back on the road as a Project.

Not perfect, I know that, but still mostly sound. I'd been using her daily. In fact she sailed through her final MOT, wasn't a fail or even advisory, but everything lapsed years ago while SORN. It really was just that clutch needed replacement back then. Obviously now, before whacking in a fresh battery and petrol and turning the key, the first sensible check avoiding expensive problems would be whether the timing belt has perished while just stood there. Last time I tried I think was 2008-ish and she started promptly and purred sweetly. That's why I was keeping her : a "one day, girl, one day.." rosy sentiment, as I loved driving her. Not exactly a GTI or Cabriolet, but lots in common, and massively cheaper insurance. Plus that huge practical boot.


Life-events and circumstances (not least impending awkward house-loss and penury and homelessness) now mean I'm being forced to consider offering her onward, and realised the best place to start would be among self-proclaimed enthusiasts like yourselves who'd actually appreciate the old girl, hopefully bringing her back to her former glory and extending her working life in the way she deserves.

Or if there were someone sympathetic with a stop-gap off-road space locally to donate while life's storms hopefully pass then maybe the dream can stay alive.

My situation's precarious and uncertain (even simply access to the internet) but the likely timescale is looking mere weeks, possibly by July this year. The last thing I want is some last-minute panic scrappage which would be a crying shame.

So here I am saying a sad "Hello."

Comments, suggestions, ideas and offers welcome.

Fingers crossed, thanks,



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Re: 1983 Mk1 GL ... a heavy-hearted Hello (nice car, bad situa..

Post by Gal on Wed Jun 06, 2012 10:20 am

What are you looking for? Somewhere to store it? Park it? Or someone to buy it?


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