Any members Bournemouth - newish member

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Any members Bournemouth - newish member

Post by M.A.T.S-74 on Fri May 25, 2012 6:58 pm

Newish member in Bournemouth, any other Jetta owners club guys in the area? (have been forum member for little time - but never posted before)
2007 MK5 Jetta 140TDI sport owner, glad to see more MK5 owner coming into the fold as seemed to be just Jetta MK1/2 & Bora/vento owners before (nothing wrong with that - if had time would be tempted by classic project)
Had a few MK2 scriocco GTX projects before and Polo GTI (1.6 16v) in the past.

Golfs just too small for family of four and main hobby (non-VW) being Kart racing (great fun but quite time cosuming - any club guys up for a corprate day?) so big boot is great for all the kit.

Anyway Hello bounce

1.6 TDI - 105ps!

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