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The History Behind The Name
Jetta= Jet stream winds (Refering to Canada over the US)
Bora= Cold winds that blow from Hungary and into the Adriatic Sea.
Vento= Derived from Spanish word Viento meaning Wind

Over the years Volkswagen have reused the name Jetta and reinvented the model more times than the obvious five. It may not seem that way in this country but this country is actually one of the Jettas low points as this section will explain.
In the USA the Volkswagen Jetta is the best selling family saloon
There are many countries who still produce the Mk1 Jetta in fact did you know it was the original Volkswagen Fox and was designed to be the big brother to Volkswagens Pocket Rocket the Rabbit (now known as the Golf) the Volkswagen Fox, continued in production in South Africa until 1995. In some markets, such as in Mexico, the A1 Jetta was known as the Volkswagen Atlantic.
Did you know that in China there are three versions of the Jetta still in production these being the Mk2, Mk4 (Bora) and Mk5.
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